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Dr. Richard L. Briscoe
Dr. Megan M. Dosch
Dr. Jordan Pittman


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If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment or fill out a feedback e-mail after your appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

The office staff is always so professional, and I always feel welcome when I am there.  Everyone makes sure I am comfortable during my visit.  It is so nice to have Dr. Dosch join Dr. Briscoe.  I like seeing a local girl back in our community.  Both doctors make sure I am taken care of.  -Brant

Dr. Briscoe is very friendly and professional and Ginger does the best job cleaning my teeth!  I wouldn’t go anywhere else!  -Suzie

Megan Dosch is very good at her profession!  -Shawn

Having several really bad experiences at the dentist as a child, now as an adult, I have always had a major fear of the dentist. Dr. Briscoe and his staff made me feel very at ease, explained everything thoroughly, and gave me options. I am truly not stressed about my follow-up appointment. I would recommend them to all my family and friends. -Kim

Suzi is always great to speak with.  She makes you feel at home and light-hearted.  She always recognizes me on the phone.  Great gal!  -Yvette

Alicia has been my hygienist for many years, and she does a great job with recognizing my sensitivity.  -Patricia

Dr. Briscoe, you were beyond wonderful when you found out our true situation.  Thank you so much.  -Nancy

I chose Briscoe and Dosch Cosmetic and Family Dentistry based on the up-to-date technology, including email, text reminders, and online account acces.  -Courtney

Dr. Dosch was great.  -Jessica

Our family has been with Dr. Briscoe since the early 1980's.  He was especially great with our young children and made them feel comfortable and not at all frightened of going to see the dentist!  He has been equally as patient with my elderly mother who has dementia.  As for my husband and myself, we have been very pleased over all these years with the professional yet kind attitude, not pushy, willing to work with us on the best treatment needed that would fit our budget.  We have seen Dr. Dosch a few times when Dr. Briscoe wasn't available, and she is equally as fine as he!  Thanks for a job well done! -Joyce

All the personnel are friendly and professional.  -James

I chose Briscoe and Dosch Cosmetic and Family Dentistry because of the quality of work.  -Sherri

Drs. Briscoe and Dosch and team are very thorough and professional.  -Sam

My experience at Briscoe and Dosch Cosmetic and Family Dentistry exceeded my expectations.  Dr. Dosch and Kara were outstanding.  -Amy

We have had Dr. Briscoe as our dentist for 6 years. He sees both adults and children, and everyone there has always been kind and helpful. We met Dr. Dosch at our last visit, and we were very happy. -Lucy

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